Consumer behavior is constantly changing as they react to the economic climate, emerging retail formats, price increases and changing promotion offers. Suppliers need to predict how consumers will respond. We created solutions for every facet of your company.

Everyday Price Analytics & Optimization

The Everyday Price solution will predict how baseline volume, and the resulting financials, will change as a result of price changes to your items and the competition.

Price elasticity, elasticity range (think non-linear curves), price thresholds and cross elasticity are included in the core solution.

Every item in the category is modeled providing a robust understanding of category pricing dynamics by item, size, brand flavor or any other combination of the product hierarchy.

Typical users:

  • Pricing Managers
  • Sales Finance
  • Category Management
  • Marketing & Consumer Insights

Trade Promotion Optimization

The Trade Promotion solution provides simulation capabilities to predict the impact of differing events along with a robust account planning solution.

Promotion Forecast provides quick insights into the consumer response across differing price points, the value of in-store merchandising (F&D), time of year, frequency and depth.

Sales Planner creates account specific plans and includes a calendar view along with a predictive profit and loss statement. Comparable reports allow for a quick comparison of plan versions to identify the optimal based upon any combination of metrics.
Typical users: Key account managers, trade marketing, dedicated sales analysts.

Typical users:

  • Key Account Managers
  • Trade Marketing
  • Dedicated Sales Analysts

Post Promotion Analysis (PPA)

The PPA solution provides historical analysis to identify the ROI of trade investment for each event in the accounts of your choice.

PPA leverages proprietary data integration capabilities to integrate closed and partially paid trade spend data, matching algorithms to align planned event timing against retail execution using point of sale information. The data visualization layer provides three dimensional drill down capabilities to identify the value of investment by tactic, retail/manufacturer 2X2's for win-win,win-lose, lose-win & lose-lose event reporting. Distribution of price points and spend allocation is processed at the lowest level of data and aggregated dynamically based on the user choice.

Typical Users

  • Key account managers
  • trade marketing
  • dedicated sales analysts
  • sales finance
  • brand directors

Data Visualization & Reporting

The DVR solution leverages the data integration solution to integrate disparate data sources.

Pricing reports, post promotion decomposition, exception reporting, trends and top lines barely scratch the surface of the DVR capabilities.

You will work with the design team during implementation to replace your excel based reports and design custom analytics to be used across the organization.

Creators (Building Plans/Insight):

  • Field Sales, Brokers, Distributors
  • Analysts


  • Revenue Growth Management
  • Sales Management
  • Demand Planning
  • Brand Management
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Category Management
  • Sales Finance
  • Customer Teams