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Job Title:

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst




Sequoya Holdings, INC.
8043 Cooper Creek BLVD
Suite 206
University Park, FL 34201



Job Description


Role and Responsibilities

The business analysts is responsible for researching, recognizing, follow, and analyze changing trends in the market. A key duty is to research historical data to map trends and determine how demand drives that include Regular price changes, Price elasticities, Promotion frequency and depth, Seasonal indexes and Cross elasticities will influence the business.

The analyst must also routinely examine the forecast methodologies to find ways of improving the predictive accuracy of the non-linear regression model.  This includes customizing the regression models to include new variables, seasonal effects and scaling factors that reflect changing market conditions and the specific characteristics of each client’s market category.

The analyst must prepare and present reports, charts, and tables detailing an accurate demand forecast and an analysis of market factors to company heads, and to give recommendations on marketing, production and pricing strategy decisions.

These analysis and reports produced by the Analysts, along with their recommendations, allows customers to optimize pricing strategies, maximize the impact of promotions on their incremental revenues, determine market trends and risks, and understand competitive threats.

The analyst is responsible for influencing business decisions based on insights on market dynamics, category and brand share, and the statistical sales forecast. Duties are expected to be completed independently.

To achieve these tasks, analysts must rely on a strong knowledge of business, finance, economics and econometrics forecasting models with an understanding of their financial and operational impacts to the market category, and costumer products.

This position provides timely, reliable, objective, and actionable research-based retailer and brand insights to Clients throughout US, Latin America, Europe and Africa. Analysts design, manage and replicate quantitative research studies and provide analysis in a prepared, professional form.



Key Job Duties:

  • Analyze and review historical sales trends, demand drivers such as regular price changes, promotion depth and frequency, elasticities, seasonality, calendar events and cross elasticities, in order to prepare and develop econometric forecast models, and evaluate forecast results. 15%
  • Develop and maintain forecast models using syndicated data (Nielsen, IRI) for customers, incorporating business intelligence and additional information gathered from sales, marketing, finance teams, and other sources. 5%
  • Refine and upgrade the forecast model to reflect updated sales and marketing assumptions or changes in market conditions.

·         Develop upgrades to modeling techniques to improve forecast accuracy. It can be in the form of new models, new variables or improvement of the data used. 5%

·         Perform regular analysis, validations and updates on various metrics such business seasonality, Price elasticity, Discount elasticity, Cross elasticities to determine forecast accuracy. 5%

·         Validate the statistical and business accuracy of current and future forecasts and make the necessary adjustments to the model according to market requirements.

·         Provide ad hoc forecasts and industry reports requested to assist management decision on pricing and promotional strategies. 5%

·         Interact and lead regular dialogue with customer’s counterparts in Sales, marking, finance and analytics teams to understand demand forecast drivers. 5%

  • Use and maintain the forecasting software as the primary forecasting system tool.

·         Enter and modify data to ensure the correctness of the Product – Market hierarchy.

  • Create forecasts and reports that allows for an accurate prediction of the customer demand with the intention to plan strategies on how to meet that customer demand.
  • Plan complex business strategy recommendations for clients, basing these recommendations on markets drivers such as regular price and promotion elasticities, cross elasticities, market conditions, products maturity level and consumer behavior, among other factors. 20%
  • Create and develop correlation reports to identify interactions between the customer’s product lines and competitors. 5%
  • Create and develop price index reports, with the objective that these indexes will provide our clients with the optimal price gap for their products against their competitors. 5%

·         They will also develop expertise on marketing plans, consulting directly with clients on building the marketing plan inputs.

·         Provide analytics and forecast support to the client. 5%

·         Responsible for influencing business decisions based on insights on market dynamics, category and brand share, and the statistical sales forecast.

·         Works with stakeholders from all business units and related third parties to define and document business processes and software requirements for technology initiatives, including online products and supply management systems. 5%

·         Develop and document the project scope, objectives, and research approach for large scale, custom research studies based on interviews with managers and subject matter experts, secondary research, and an evaluation of the business situation

·         Establish research methodology, study specifications, procedures, timelines, and necessary tools for effectively and efficiently meeting research objectives.

·         Analyze results from both quantitative and qualitative research studies and design reports that summarize results, highlight the key findings, explain the implications of the research, and provide actionable recommendations in clear, concise, business language.

·         Learn and apply new research methods, methodologies, tools, processes, and statistical procedures in order to improve the Consumer Research function.

·         Manage a portfolio of research projects for decision makers throughout the company, allocating limited resources against established priorities to ensure quality work is completed on time.



Job Requirements:

  • Experience in market research, consumer package goods marketing or a related field.
  • Experience with modeling and/or forecasting using ordinary least squares preferred.
  • Proficiency in statistical software packages preferred.
  • Expertise in producing thoughtful, detailed quantitative and qualitative analyses with a variety of analytical tools.
  • Analytical skills and proficiency.
  • Strong communication and organizational skills.
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Understanding of business processes and knowledge of the business units of an organization.
  • Proficiency in using Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Project
  • Detail-oriented and quick to understand issues.

·         Ability to analyze data logically and exercise sound judgment in defining, evaluating, and correcting forecasting issues to create accurate reports and optimal recommendations on pricing.

·         Ability to gain and maintain effective working relationships clients.

  • Effectiveness and experience working in a fast-paced, client-driven environment.
  • The ability to learn new topics quickly through self-initiated research and input from internal and external knowledge experts.
  • Strong Excel and PowerPoint skills.

·         The ability to communicate effectively with business proficiency both verbally and on paper to present technical information to management with clarity and precision.

  • Ability to learn and adapt to software quickly.

Bachelor Sciences (one of the following):

  • Business
  • Economics
  • Mathematics/Statistics
  • Engineering


Masters (one of the following):

  • Business
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics/Statistics


Statistics/Research Methods:  Ordinary Least Square, linear and non-linear regressions.

Business/Economics Preferred: Knowledge of elasticities, cross elasticities, theory of the firm and consumer behavior, theory of demand, profit maximization theory on perfect competition, monopolies and duopolies. Macroeconomics to evaluate market conditions at a macro level like exchange rate changes. Supply management, finance and understanding of consumer behavior. 4 P’s of the marketing mix, porter's five forces.

Databases (Preferred):                Basic understanding of SQL

Others:                                        Linear Programing